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Top 3 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Posted by Abby McMillin

Thu, Oct 22, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

If you're anything like me, the first hour or so of your day is spent sorting through the mass of emails that have accumulated overnight in the multiple email accounts you check. My first goal is always to filter out the junk as quickly as possible. But what is it that makes me open one marketing email, and immediately trash or mark another as SPAM? I thought I was just letting my true interests guide me, so as not to fall prey to a soliciting email. When I read a recent article put out by Loyalty 360 it made me start to wonder if my tendencies weren't so unique after all.

"Email remains the standard for online B2B and B2C communication, despite the rise in over-the-top (OTT) messaging and social media platforms," said Aaron Beach, senior data scientist at SendGrid. "Email is the world's number one engagement tool and is still the most cost-effective way for companies to interact with their customers." (Source:  Loyalty 360 article)

To get a better idea of what subject lines were the most likely to be opened, and engage consumers, SendGrid compiled data from 18 million emails and compiled these three tips for us:

  1. Keep it short and sweet.
    Instead of trying to sum up the whole point of the email in the subject line, cut it down to increase the chances of it being opened in the first place! SendGrid found that three was the magic number here -- with three-word subject lines having the most "open" success.

  2. Be choosy when it comes to your wording.
    Not all words are created equal. According to SendGrid, using the word "today" was actually less successful in email subject lines than using the words "yesterday" or "tomorrow" when it comes to open rates.

  3. Avoid #hashtags and links.
    Only 10% of email subject lines containing links and hashtags get opened. Save your links or social media strategies for the body of your email!

Email communication is vital for almost all businesses today. Keeping the above tips in mind and understanding your target audience will help keep your emails out of the junk bin and where you want them -- in front of your customers! Be sure to check out the full article by James M. Loy at Loyalty 360 to learn more about email marketing engagement and what devices are most popular for viewing email communication.

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