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Non-Cash Incentives: Spring Forward with Smarter Redemption

Posted by Linda Shea

Tue, Apr 09, 2013 @ 12:30 PM

Non-cash incentive rewardsAre you ready to put the winter blahs behind you and spring forward to warmer, healthier weather? I certainly am as the Director of Fulfillment here at HMI Performance Incentives. Every year as we start to turn the proverbial corner, I begin looking through our incentive catalog to see what new and exciting incentive rewards are on tap to be updated or enhanced. Every spring, our customer service team tells me about participants who are looking to break out of their winter hibernation by redeeming for the latest and greatest in electronics, sports & leisure, health & wellness, and warm-weather items. They’re checking the HMI catalog to see what’s new, what’s available, and part of my job is to make sure they can find what they’re looking for.

Non-cash reward incentives

One great aspect of the HMI incentive rewards system is the timely manner in which we update our rewards. Through the use of innovative technology, we are able to receive daily updates from dozens of unique vendors regarding product pricing and availability. This means that if Hammockology™ decides to lower the price of their 100% recycled cotton Palacio Hammock on Monday night, participants can redeem for the hammock via the new low price on Tuesday morning. What’s more, the new price is automatically converted into points, meaning that calculator can stay in your desk drawer where it belongs. These real-time updates are also available when redeeming for airfare and event tickets. So the redemption value of the items is the most up-to-date, based on actual availability. Finally, as businesses start to roll out their new springtime inventory, we are able to upload these new items to the catalog as soon as they become available. This virtually eliminates extended shipping time. 

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I guess the thing I like most about spring is helping participants redeem for those awards that indicate warmer weather is here. Some highlights are a new hammock for their back porch, a stainless steel grill for their patio, or tickets to their favorite ballpark. I can rest assured knowing they’ll be choosing from the newest incentive rewards at great value. Happy spring everyone!

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