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Feeling Static? Maybe It’s Time to Personalize Your Channel Engagement Program

Posted by Matt Slane

Tue, Feb 26, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

The direct mail industry has gone through numerous changes over the years.  The old mantra of mailing millions of static pieces with a “see what sticks to the wall” approach- and hoping for a 1-2% response rate, is being replaced by a more targeted and interactive approach.

The most successful direct mail campaigns have started to offer a more personalized service, with marketers utilizing the latest data technologies and analytics, with imagery and designs that are based on individual demographics.  Many direct mail pieces also include some type of device (scratch offs, coins, keys, stickers, dot whacks, Purls, Gurls, QR Codes, etc.) that can increase engagement by appealing to buying habits and unique tastes. 

This sort of strategy can translate well to a performance-based channel engagement program. At HMI, as an example, we’ve created our own OnDemand rewards platform to better meet the needs and concerns of our prospective clients. One such concern involves whether cash SPIFF programs are meeting the objectives of increasing brand awareness, engagement, and mind and market share.  Are these programs actually succeeding, or have they become an expected compensation? Occasionally we hear that “participants are receiving cash rewards without really knowing what specific behaviors they are being awarded for.” Such a depersonalized approach is often doomed from the start – so how can you avoid it?

In addition to customized direct mail pieces, technology-based strategies can also be utilized to personalize a reward platform and increase program “stickiness” and engagement. For example, HMI has developed technology that allows us to customize a points program that's more engaging for recipients because it’s specifically designed for them, not the masses. Other examples of our technology-based strategies include gamification ideas, sweepstakes, widgets, theme based promos and targeted communications.

A personalized incentive platform gives the client an added touch point, providing an opportunity to share messaging with participants in a way that will increase both mind and market share and engage customer channels in a way that sticks.

If your short term SPIFF or promo, group travel, individual travel or points programs are becoming static, let HMI help.  With over 30 years of experience, advanced technological capabilities and a cutting-edge creative services team, we have the expertise to make your incentive strategies a success by personalizing them specifically to your needs and goals.  Contact us today!

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