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Global Incentives – The Great Balancing Act

Posted by Devin Ferreira

Fri, Feb 08, 2013 @ 11:30 PM

With the business world growing ever more connected and companies expanding their operations to include satellite offices and headquarters around the world, global incentive programs are becoming increasingly important in terms of motivating the workforce on an international level.

Cultural Differences

Even as these global initiatives continue to thrive, it’s important to remember that the people they unify are essentially disparate groups in countries that are more different than alike. It’s true, each branch of a multinational company will appear roughly the same from the outside, and will operate internally under the same companywide imperatives; however, because a business is made up of people, it is rarely insulated from the culture that surrounds it.

Things like religious customs, geographical boundaries, linguistic mannerisms and local cost-of-living indices will all certainly play a role in the behavior and motivational triggers of international participants. It makes sense, then, for a global rewards program to reflect these cultural differences.

In managing these differences, a balance must be struck.

A good global rewards program should be able to:

  • Respond to local needs without getting bogged down by local inefficiencies
  • Cultivate a system of centralized management and open-ended communication channels
  • Leave the basic decision-making and execution to local teams on the ground
  • Cater to the demographics of an evolving global workforce
  • Maintain consistency with corporate standards and best practices
  • Establish a central strategy for program administration that can be referenced by any foreign member
  • Offer diverse capabilities, such as digital rewards, and regional accessibility for vendors and participants alike
  • Keep all opportunities for participation open to many, not just to the elite few
  • Consider offering peer-to-peer options that will allow employees to engage one another, thus fostering a corporate culture abroad that better reflects the solidarity of domestic employees

In balancing corporate principles with the ethnic and cultural nuances of an international workforce, your global rewards program can help establish consistency across multiple regions and unlock the productivity of your employees worldwide. Here at HMI, we pride ourselves on understanding these global challenges and embracing them. Let us help you work out the details for your global incentives program contact us today!

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