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Can Your Channel Incentive Program Benefit from a Holistic Approach?

Posted by Matt Slane

Fri, Jan 25, 2013 @ 03:00 PM

It’s mid-January and for many, the New Year’s resolutions we made have already started to fall by the wayside and retreat to the back of our minds.  Personally I have decided to take a holistic approach to my goals this year.  

In the past, I have made resolutions such as:  lose 15 pounds by St Patrick’s Day or get to the gym every morning at 6:00 am – and, like the decreasing amount of cars in the gym parking lot, my previous resolutions have usually started to fade by this point.

So this year, I set an encompassing goal to be more mentally and physically fit.  To do this I have adopted the following lifestyle behaviors:

  • Get to the gym at least one more day a week
  • Bring two pieces of fruit to work everyday
  • Take more walks with my wife and kids
  • Do the Sunday crossword puzzle every week
  • Read more books and publications
  • Take a multivitamin
  • Be more active in my community
  • Eat less Carbs
  • Don’t have that second glass of wine after dinner
  • Be a better person, husband and parent

So, how can a holistic approach to your Performance-based Channel Incentives Program work for you? 

First you need to ask a few questions:

  • Who is your target audience and are you reaching them?
  • What Partner behaviors help contribute to your company’s success (STTS, training, certifications, speed casts)?
  • Is your present incentive strategy helping affect positive Partner behaviors?
  • Can you presently measure your program’s effectiveness?
  • How effective is your messaging and communication?
  • Is there additional end user data that you would like to be receiving from your Channel?
  • Is your present program continuing to gain mindshare and differentiation among your partners?
  • Is your reward program primarily based around sales volume or SKU’s?

If you are finding that your present Spiff and Rebate Program, like your New Year’s resolution, isn’t providing the results and affecting behaviors the way you would like, maybe it’s time to take a holistic approach.  An all-inclusive approach that embraces a platform that’s able to communicate your message, engage your audience, reward for Steps to the Sale and enablement, engage at the Point of Influence, and still generate revenue, might be right for you.

HMI, with 30 years of experience running Channel Incentive and loyalty programs, can provide a holistic approach to fit your overall Incentive Strategy and help you reach your goals this year.  Contact us today!

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