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Celebrating Service Through the Holidays and Beyond

Posted by Devin Ferreira

Fri, Dec 21, 2012 @ 09:45 AM

During the holiday season, you will undoubtedly hear stories of employees who have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty to provide the best possible customer satisfaction. Often times, these good Samaritans are called upon to help a distressed patron who is short on time, money, or luck. In other situations, these professionals simply decide that customers deserve exceptional service and take it upon themselves to do what is necessary. In either case, these inspiring examples demonstrate that caring for customers goes hand-in-hand with better business.

Examples like these, however, are not just reserved for the holidays. At HMI Performance Incentives, we appreciate the year-round efforts of all of our staff who realize that, without customer and client care, no business can be successful. With that in mind, we asked our Client Services team to share an experience of when they themselves went above and beyond what their ordinary work required of them. Here are some of the responses we received:

From Joan (Travel Fulfillment Supervisor): “The best example would be the many nights I’ve stayed after the office closed to ensure the participants get their trip confirmed. This is especially important on a Friday night. If a client calls to tentatively book a trip on a Friday, many times, the trip reservation will not hold until Monday, as most airlines will only hold a ticket for 24 hours. If I cannot get client confirmation before the end of the work day, there is a good chance the reservation will be cancelled completely. I know how hard participants in our programs work to earn these trips, so it is important to me that they get to go on the vacation of their dreams. If this means I have to stay late on a Friday (or any day), our team is happy to accommodate them.”

And Linda (Director, Fulfillment & Client Services): “Last year we had a participant redeem for a pink Barbie Jeep for his granddaughter. Unfortunately, our supplier was out of stock and could not get any more before Christmas. Anne, one of our client services managers, took it upon herself to call around to stores and actually found one at a TOYS “R” US. She had them hold the toy, took our company credit card and drove there herself to purchase it. Unfortunately, it would not fit in her car! So I then quickly drove over there to meet her - fortunately it fit in MY car. We brought the jeep back and shipped it the same day from our office. Our participant was so pleased that he could give his granddaughter something she really wanted for Christmas. Not to mention how excited the little girl was!”

At HMI, we know that quality customer service is paramount to our success – and it is really just the right thing to do. That’s why, no matter the time of year, our customers and clients always come first. Happiest of holidays and best wishes for the New Year from your friends at HMI Performance Incentives!

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