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Hot Items: The Rewards Your Incentive Program Participants Want

Posted by Devin Ferreira

Tue, Dec 18, 2012 @ 10:29 AM

iPad PFV PFVLF Springboard PRINT resized 600What do participants look for nowadays from their incentive programs? What merchandise rewards are becoming most popular?

No surprises here. Redemptions in HMI’s OnDemand Awards Programs show that electronics are once again at the top of everyone’s wish list, with smart phones, tablets – and pretty much anything made by Apple – tending to lead the way. After hearing so much about how mobile was going to quickly take over the planet, it has been incredible to watch this phenomenon actually occur right before our very eyes. In fact, the iPhone and iPad have quickly become two of the best-selling products of all time (1), which is especially remarkable considering that they are high-end, expensive items hitting peaks during a softer economy.

What’s more, these devices have made the purchasing of content even more ubiquitous than the items themselves, with everything from mp3s to movies to games all available at the press of a button. It is now practically a necessity for any merchandise rewards program to feature a broad swath of electronics items. If you truly want to stand out, however, HMI has realized the importance of taking things a step further by allowing participants to access the vast trove of content available through the various online media stores.

Other top-redeemers on our participant’s lists include sports-related items, such as event tickets, memorabilia, and equipment. With nearly 50% of Americans (2) claiming to be at least casual followers of one sport or another, the popularity of these rewards makes sense. Whether a participant is looking to attend a big game, loves a particular team, or simply wants a new snowboard for the winter season, a program that provides an assortment of sports-related rewards for them is one that will continue to have success. For this reason, HMI offers a variety of such programs and promotions, an example being a recently unveiled FAN-atic NFL Giveaway with a grand prize of Super Bowl tickets.

Lastly, we can’t discount the need for household decor and kitchen appliances, which generate a different sort of popularity. This tends to be one that is focused around usefulness and functionality. With a vast array of variably valued items to choose from, this category of rewards ensures that all participant demographics are accounted for.

As 2013 approaches, it’s important to take note of the rewards that keep participants engaged and redeeming. By staying in touch with what they find popular, you will have a better chance of giving them what they truly want. For help with your points-based rewards program, feel free to contact HMI today.




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