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Balancing Expectations for a Successful Group Incentive Trip

Posted by Anne Bouthilette

Tue, Aug 14, 2012 @ 10:03 AM

One of the most commonly asked questions when potential clients are considering a group incentive travel program is how they can achieve maximum success for their company and their customers. Considering the many factors that go into a group incentive trip, it can be a challenge to balance the expectations of a company’s executives with the wants and needs of those who will be attending the trip. As with all incentive programs, the money spent on the reward must have a pay-off for those funding it, so it’s important to look at a group incentive program from all perspectives to ultimately achieve the highest ROI.

In the whitepaper below, we have outlined some of the expectations that different stakeholders have when considering whether or not to run a group incentive travel program. From the participant’s perspective, they work hard to earn their reward, and a top notch trip will not only show them that their efforts are appreciated, but it will motivate them to meet and exceed their goals in the future. In contrast, the company paying for the trip will likely measure the program’s success based on how well it meets or exceeds certain revenue quotas (e.g. individual participant sales, group sales, customer retention). Those two end goals don’t necessarily have to be in contention with each other, and the most successful and remembered programs will be able to find a happy medium between corporate interests and participant satisfaction.

To learn more about how to balance client and participant expectations when planning a group travel incentive program, download the free whitepaper below.

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