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Sales Force Involvement in Your Incentive Program

Posted by Brian Szymanel

Fri, Mar 30, 2012 @ 09:39 AM

To help ensure the success of a points based strategy, having the sales force vested in your program is a great idea.  This will really help drive engagement and adoption of your incentive program, and it will also get your salespeople closer to their accounts – driving sales and increasing loyalty.

Here are a few of the ways to include your sales force in a points program:

  • Offer points to salespeople to drive initial and ongoing registration in the program
  • Offer overrides based on their customers’ sales
  • Set a payout for your salespeople by setting specific benchmarks set for customers to achieve (example 20% over last year’s sales, or a specific $ goal)
  • Offer salespeople payouts in the program for accomplishing training and certifications
  • Offer salespeople payouts based on steps of the sale they take prospects through

These are just a few of the ways points can be offered. Getting your salespeople excited about the program not only helps them earn more, but enables them to receive exciting rewards as well. Once you’ve decided to include your sales force in the rewards program you are offering, there are many innovative ways to get them involved in the process, and even create some healthy competition with their peers. Customized reporting, sales force dashboards with customer sales information, and private sales websites can all be created to suit your program’s needs. To learn more about how a points-based program can help increase your sales and keep customers and your sales team engaged, download the free OnDemand Program Guide below.

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