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An Incentive Hero Among Us

Posted by Ben Griffith

Thu, Apr 03, 2014 @ 01:37 PM

Incentive customer serviceBelieve it or not, the following is a true client success story:

My colleagues and I recently attended a strategy meeting with a client of ours in the HVAC industry. After we had concluded the meeting, we were introduced to one of our client’s employees, (who we’ll call Mary) who had a story to tell about a remarkably generous offer she had received. Apparently a good customer of hers had used the points he'd earned from his program to purchase a vacation to Disney World for Mary and her entire family! She said this was something she would never have been able to do on her own—and that it had changed her life! We couldn’t believe it.

She then proceeded to tell us how much she appreciated the rewards program that we were running, and how she was particularly impressed with our client services team. She wanted to personally acknowledge the outstanding work of one of our staff (who wishes to remain nameless) who had been helping her throughout the holiday season. Our staff member had responded diligently to every one of Mary’s requests, ensuring that every single item purchased would be delivered on time for Christmas. Each time, according to Mary, this staff member went “above and beyond” the call of duty. By the end of her story, Mary was almost in tears. She thanked us for organizing such a wonderful program, and finished by saying that she would be devastated if it ever went away.

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It’s these kinds of stories that truly make this job, this company, and our business all worthwhile. So now, we’d just like to say our own Thank You to this hero among us. Kudos to our client services rep and their entire team, for continuing to make our programs the best they can be!

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